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Brett Foster - November 19, 2017

Thankful For Life's Thistles

Our Guest Speakers

Scripture Reference: James 1:3-4

A thistle is prickly plant that has sharp leaves and showy heads of purple or white flowers. The scriptures often link thorns and thistles together. They appear in cultivated fields and are difficult to dig up from the ground. Well, our lives have some thistles too, those difficult and hard times that we would rather do without. This sermon helps us to see that it is in those difficult times that God is refining us and testing our faith and producing endurance so that we are complete, lacking nothing. So, we can be thankful for thistles!

From Series: "Our Guest Speakers"

These messages were presented by SAYSF elders, leaders, and other guest speakers. These messages are not part of the current sermon series.

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Larry Crabtree - August 11, 2013

Be Hopeful

Good News For Bad Times: The First Epistle of Peter

Scripture Reference:1 Peter 1:1-12

In the midst of bad times we desperately need encouragement and hope. This message will provide five great facts about our salvation that will infuse hope and encouragement into your soul in spite of all the suffering this old world will throw at you.

From Series: "Good News For Bad Times: The First Epistle of Peter"

Peter's first epistle was written to Christians who lived under intense pressure and stress. The instruction and encouragement provided was intended to help them learn how to survive in the midst of the difficult world in which they lived. "Good News For Bad Times" will equip you with the essentials necessary to overcome the inevitable trials and tribulations of living on planet earth.

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