During my study of the book of Daniel I noticed that people described the Prophet Daniel as a man possessing an “excellent spirit” (Daniel 5:12; 6:3). In other words, Daniel had an attitude about life very different from everybody around him. What a wonderful reminder that a good attitude will take each of us a long way in life.

I was once told that attitude determines altitude (how high you will go in life). I’ve met far too many Christians who have bad attitudes of grumbling, complaining, pessimism, and negativity. These people are not very pleasant to be around. They make for discouraging company. Daniel, on the other hand, was a positive kind of guy with an excellent spirit. He moved through all the sinful and evil debris of his generation without letting it get to him. He was always consistent in attitude.

How is your attitude? It really will determine how high you fly in life. To learn more about the kind of people God uses to accomplish great things of eternal value listen to this encouraging teaching…

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One thought on “Attitude Determines Altitude”

  1. Dear Pastor:

    Michele Glampe is a member of your church and also my daughter. I signed up to receive the daily updates when all of you were in Israel. I continue to receive your articles and want you to know that I really enjoy them and have learned a lot from what you write. It’s as if I have my own Bible study in my home with my very own instructor.

    I hope to have an attitude like Daniel as I go through my daily routine.

    Emily R. Norris
    1944 Speedwell Road
    Lancaster, PA 17601

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