We made our way up to Jerusalem today. We stopped at a number of interesting ancient cities on the way. Join us as we explore places like Beersheva (Abraham’s settlement), Tel Arad, Tel Maresha, a Roman Coliseum, Elah Valley (David fought Goliath), Latrun (Tank Museum), and the Israel Museum.


Our adventure is coming to a climax and we begin to investigate the city where Jesus died and rose again.

See you tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Day 9: Outskirts of Jerusalem”

  1. Larry,

    These have been such an encouragement; we really feel part of the trip. This is really priming the pump in my family for the next trip.

    Thank you for the incredible videography effort, you are very good at it, PTL!

    Peace to all of you…


  2. Greetings all! Viewing from St. Mary’s County, Maryland! Claudia Carter and I, Karen Anderson are so happy you are able to walk where Jesus walked and are loving the blog Pastor Larry!!! Thanks for taking us with you! God bless! Enjoy every minute! <

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