Let me ask you a question. What is the greatest need of our generation? While we each might express the need differently depending on the life arena you are thinking about (political arena, the church arena, the educational arena, the sports arena)… no matter what area of life you may be thinking about, the crying need of every generation is men and women of integrity.

We desperately need men and women whose lives are internally governed. Who do not allow the circumstances of the day to dictate what they do. Those kinds of people are very hard to find. Too often people are all over the map. When they are with a certain group of people they act one way, but if you move them out of that context and into another, they change like the proverbial chameleon.

It is a very rare person who is consistently the same. Whose convictions are so deep and so strong that no matter where he may be, no matter what circumstance may confront him, he is exactly the same. You can always trust a person like that. You know that if you were to thrust them into a place of opposition, they would be exactly what they are in private. There is nothing more frustrating than working with people who change on the basis of the company they are with at any particular moment.

The 3rd chapter of Daniel provides us a mighty lesson about the integrity that springs from a deeply rooted belief in the Word of God. I’ve been praying that God would use His word to instill within  our hearts a determination that will last the rest of our lives to be the type of person whose life is consistently based upon the inward conviction of their heart,  based upon the Word of God.

How is that type of personal consistency achieved? Take some time and listen to this wonderful teaching on living a life of integrity…

Larry Crabtree - July 13, 2014

A Fiery Furnace and A Fiery Faith

Daniel: Conviction in an Age of Compromise

Scripture Reference:Daniel 3:1-18

There is nothing, within the life of a person, more powerful than convictions that spring from a deeply rooted belief in the Word of God. This study will examine a well-known Bible story to uncover valuable components of genuine conviction in God’s Word.

From Series: "Daniel: Conviction in an Age of Compromise"

Daniel is a book about “the times of the Gentiles.” It is about our time. Daniel unfolds for us in graphic terms the rise and fall of the Gentile kingdoms from his day until the return of Jesus Christ. In essence, Daniel gives us the prophetic calendar for world history. We are often overwhelmed by the increasing Godlessness of our culture. But the message Daniel proclaims is that there is a God in heaven, and God rules in the kingdoms of mankind. One day our God is going to set up His kingdom upon this earth. He is, and will be, “The King of kings and the Lord of lords forever and ever.”

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