… Head, Heart, Hands, Knees and Feet

SAYSF Bible Church is a family of gifted servants, like you, who join teams that fit their gifts, personal styles and availability. As we serve the church body and our community, we have opportunity to “become like Jesus.”

Serving at SAYSF can mean:

  • Being a part of the small group experience within the larger Body, while doing kingdom work
  • Finding a place to embrace your passion whole-heartedly
  • Discovering God’s idea of rewarding purpose
  • Feeling an important part of the family whole
  • Finding joy that really comes when your gifts are utilized
  • Becoming like Jesus while you serve Him

Ministry involvement is also a great way to meet others and have your own needs met. We have MANY opportunities for you to be a part of. These service areas range from working behind-the-scenes to make something yummy for the “between worship services” fellowship time in the Connector, to more visible areas such as ushers, greeters, singers and musicians.