Our Leaders

We are passionate about carrying out our God-given mission of encouraging people to join us in the lifelong process of Becoming like Jesus…Head, Heart, Hands, Knees, and Feet!

Heads lifted in worship and minds transformed by the Word of God.

Hearts sharing life in community, accountability, genuine friendship.

Hands serving in ministry work.

Knees bent in meaningful prayer.

Feet going into our world with the gospel message.

SAYSF Senior Pastor Larry Crabtree

Larry Crabtree

Senior Pastor

For the past three (3) decades it has been my yearning to increase in becoming more like Jesus.
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SAYSF Elder Tom Hanrahan

Tom Hanrahan


I grew up in a family where the truths of the Bible were taught and modeled every day.
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SAYSF Associate Pastor Nelson Domingues

Nelson Domingues

Associate Pastor

I am amazed by the steadfast love of God who has so obviously led me to SAYSF Bible Church.
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Teddy Perez


One evening in January of 2011, the Lord drew me to Himself and I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ!
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SAYSF Elder Brett Foster

Brett Foster


While still an unbeliever, the Lord drew me to Southern MD to attend the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School.
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