Larry Crabtree, Senior Pastor

For the past three (3) decades it has been my yearning to increase in becoming more like Jesus. I love to introduce people to Jesus and to help them better understand how God’s Word, the Bible, is not nearly as difficult to understand as we are often told. There is nothing on this earth more exciting than to watch the faces of people as they recognize the relevant and powerful truths found within the pages of Scripture coming to life within their own lives.

My wife, Kim, and I were introduced at Philadelphia College of Bible (now Cairn University) while studying Bible and music. We were married in May 1987. God eventually guided me to the Graduate School of Lancaster Bible College where I completed a Masters Degree in Ministry.

God blessed us with two wonderful children who have quickly grown and started families of their own. In fact, we are now enjoying the blessings of being grandparents.

A unique aspect of my pastoral ministry is that I have been serving as a volunteer Police Chaplain for more than two (2) decades. Presently, I actively serve the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. I provide counseling, spiritual guidance, crisis intervention, and friendship to both the Deputies and Correction Officers.

Many are surprised to learn that both Kim and I are experienced Artisan Chocolatiers. We sometimes get to share the results of our labor with our church family. Chocolate anyone?