Teddy Perez, Elder

Growing up in the church I have always had a belief in God. But my youth was spent on a works righteousness religion. Never knowing Jesus, I relied on my own goodness in hopes of going to Heaven. Since as far back as I could remember, I have always had aspirations of one day becoming a cartoonist. In 1993, I met my wife Sonia. In 1999, we got married and after moving to Southern Maryland with our first child, we started church hunting and eventually found SAYSF Bible Church. On one evening in January of 2011, the Lord drew me to Himself and I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ! Since then, I have participated in ministries such as leading worship, the worship band as drummer, a trustee member, participated in leading communion services and later became a small group leader, hosting from our home.

After years of serving as a dedicated member and upon much prayer, I felt the Lord calling me to go into full-time ministry. My prayers were answered when my Pastor, Larry Crabtree, approached me with a discipleship opportunity. A year of dedicated training followed. Soon after, my family and I were called to fulfill the great commission on a short-term missions trip to France, it was then that the call to ministry became overwhelming! I then communicated to church leadership of my interest in going into a life of ministry. And it was at that time that my Pastor proposed my becoming an Elder-in-training. Although I still draw cartoons from time to time, there is nothing that pleases me more than knowing I am in His will and serving others. I am beyond excited about the path God has put me on and I look forward to continuing to devote my life to His Glory!